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Cant' Wait!


 Most of people would have heard of "Joan of Arc.

 It is Joan who is engraved on this medal, and the engraver is Oscar Roty. I don't know of any artist who creates medals with as much artistry as Roty. He skillfully uses both shallow and deep carving to bring his pieces to life.

 A few weeks ago I was able to get his work, "Joan of Arc", which I have wanted for a long time!

 Some sellers explain that this medal was made to commemorate her beatification in 1909, but it is not correct. This medal was made in 1896. It was made before her beatification. To add, she was beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920. She is now the first patron saint of France.

 It is assumed that this medal was engraved not to commemorate Joan's beatification, but rather because the petition to canonize her was formally signed by Leo XIII in 1894. That is why this medal was engraved by Roty before Joan's beatification.

 In Actually, I have another one of the same medal.

Its price was about twice as expensive as the one I paid this time.

 When I got it that time, I bought at a store in France. This time, however, I did it in the U.S. That may have affected the price. Catholics are in the majority in France, while Protestants are in the U.S. Protestants do not affirm idolatry. In other words, it is against their doctrine to worship medals with images of saints carved on them. Another reason may be the popularity of Joan as the first patron saint of French.

 In any case, I think that this medal’s journey from France to the U.S. enabled me to get at a lower price.

 It is rare for this medal to appear on the market. According to the seller's description, the medal was found in local estate of a family that had lived in South Carolina since the early 1800s and was active in politics, education and the arts. I also hear that the family had traveled the world for generations and accumulated many interesting artifacts. 

 This is definitely a rare item. But that's not the only reason I got this. I have another reason to have bought Roty's this medal "Joan of Arc" again. To tell the truth, there are small differences between the two medals, but there is a big secret hidden in them.

 I don't know whether I will write about that some time or not. A secret is thrilling because only the one know it, right?

 All I am waiting for is the arrival of the medal!

 Can’t wait!!!!

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